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Horizon - Use the laptop version on your desktop computer!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

I had to smile today when I was speaking with someone. Sometimes you get so close to things you lose sight of reality. With Horizon, you can write reports online or off-line. We refer to the online report writing environment as the web version, and we call the off-line version the laptop version. Most people think of the web version as the office version, and the laptop version as the field version.

One of our users was telling me that he had to use the web version when he was working in his office, because he works on a desktop computer. It was kind of embarrassing to explain that he could put the laptop version on his desktop computer and work off line, even sitting in his office.

Why does it matter? The laptop version is standalone software that has some advantages over the web version when it comes to fast report writing. Easier photo manipulation and the Click Edit tool are a couple of good examples.

So, in case you were wondering, you can write reports in your office online or off-line. I like the off-line or laptop tool or faster for writing, but you can suit yourself.